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English Grammar

Word of Quantity 5

Other words of quantity

1. as..... as = equal / not as ..... as = not equal

as + adjective + as
as + adverb + as
as + adjective + noun + as

  • The exam is as difficult as the last one.
  • This project complete as nicely as the last one.
  • Jim have as much money as John.

2. so..... that / such ..... that = much until.

so/such + adjective + that
+ adverb + that
so/such + adjective + noun + that

  • Jim is so full that he could not eat anymore.
  • Jim make such a terrible mistake that the projects cannot finish on time.

3. so = much

  • Jim is so tall.
  • Jim has so much free time this weekend.

4. too = much more than needed

  • Jim is too short to join a basketball team.
  • The house is too big for only one person.

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