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English Grammar


What is Conjunction?

It is a word that connect two parts of the sentence together. Don't be
confuse with preposition. The conjuction is to connect two part of the
sentence while preposition is more like linking two words together.

There are three types of conjunctions.

If you consider conjunction from where and how many words used in the
sentence, conjunction shall be categorized into three parts.

  1. Basic Conjunction or Single Conjunction -- It comes in a single word
    such as and / or / but / because
  2. Compound Conjunction -- Consists of more than 1 single word such as in
    order to etc.
  3. Correlative -- Has an adverb or adjective in the middle such as as
    ...... as (as big as) etc.

Two types of conjunctions by function.
If you divide conjuction by funtion there are two groups as the following

  1. Coordinate Conjunction -- Connect two parts which are in the same
    important level. The ordinate conjunction is put between the two parts they
    want to connect.
          -- John and I walk to school together.
          -- I did not go to school yesterday because I was sick

    From the two examples above, you can see that we need to have both parts of the sentence in order to have a complete meaning.
  2. Subordinate Conjunction -- Connect two parts which the subordinate part
    depends on the main part. The subordinate conjunction usually put at the
    beginning of the subordinate part.
          -- I go to school even though even though I was sick.
    You can see that the meaning is still complete even we remove the
    subordinate part.

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