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English Grammar


What is Article (a/an/the)?

One of the most frequently asked questions for English Grammar is "When to
use A/ An or The?" This is one of the most confusing part for both ESL and
English native speakers. Actually, the rules are simple. Let's take a look
and you will be able to use articles in an easy way.

1. When you talk about only one noun in the world, use "the"
      -- The Sun
      -- The moon
      -- The Chinese Great Wall

2. When the noun is definite, use "the". when it is indefinite, use "a/an".

Definite Indefinite
I saw the book you lost under the table. I saw a white unbrella
I want to buy the car John just sold.   I want to buy a car.
I apply to the school.  I had a dish of spaghetti for lunch

3. Use "the", when you want to mention about something you already said or mentioned.
      -- I told you that the book is on the table.
      -- The man I told you yesterday was dead already.

That's it. Quite easy right?

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