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English Grammar

Short Answer

What is Short Answer?

In English, the answer "Yes" or "No" can be impolite. We need to repeat the
answer in either an affirmative or negative way.
Be careful your short
answer goes the same way as the question. Otherwise, it will sounds funny.

Yes + Positive verb / No + Negative verb

Take a look at examples below to help you understand the situation.



Will you marry me?

Yes I will / No I won't

Have you eaten anything today? Yes I have / No I havn't
Are you John's son?  Yes I am / No I am not
Do you like Jazz music? Yes I do / No I don't
Can you open the window for me?  Yes I can / No I can't
Do you accept him to be your husband? Yes I do / No I don't

Remember, use the short answer above to make your speaking more polite and
more professional.

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