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A Glass

A lecturer was giving student a lesson on stress managment

He raise a glass of water and ask everyone "How heavy this glass of water is?"

The students' answers are ranged from 20 to 500 g.

The lecturer then said "It doesn't matter how much is the weight. It depends on how long you hold it"

"If I hold it for a minute it is o.k."

"If I hold it for an hour I will have an ache in my right arm"

"If I hold it for a day you will have call and ambulance"

"It is exactly the same weight but the longer you hold it the heavier you feel"

"Same thing. If we carry the burden all the time, sooner or later, we will not be able to carry on. The burden will become much heavier

"What you have to do is to put the glass down, rest for a while and hold it up again"

"We have to put the burden periodically so that we can be refreshed and are able to carry on"

Learning Part

Ambulance = A vehicle used to transport sick or injured people

Ache = Sustain pain

Burden = Something that is carried

Some sources from http://www.thefreedictionary.com

*Each word can have more than one meaning. The meaning here is just to favor the article

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