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Good or bad, Hard to tell  

Once upon a time, there was a great king. He has a smart henchman and always take him along eveywhere....

One day, the king got bitten by a dog giving him a severe wound. He asked the henchman "Is this some kind of bad luck?" The henchman said "Good or bad. Hard to tell."

Finally the king lost his finger. He asked the henchman again "Is this some kind of bad luck?" Same reply by the henchman "Good or bad. Hard to tell."

The King got very angry and order to put him in the jail.

Few days later, the king went out for hunting and got caught by barbarians. They wanted to sacrifice the king. Fortunately, they found that the king's fingers are not complete so they decided to release the king because he's not a complete human anymore.

The king went back to the castle and immedietly order to release the henchman. He is now understand what the henchman said about "Good or not. hard to tell."

Something which seem to be good can be bad later on and, likewise, something which seem to be bad can be good finally.

He apologized to the hunchman but the hunchman wasn't angry with him at all. He told the king

"If you didn't put me in jail I would have to go with you and the barbarians would sacrifice me instead after they found that your fingers are incomplete."

Truely, good or bad depends on how we look at it. If we understand this inconsistency we will live in the world vey happily.

Learning Part

Some sources from http://www.thefreedictionary.com

*Each word can have more than one meaning. The meaning here is just to favor the article

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