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Teaching English in Korea

Teaching English in Thailand | Teaching English in Vietnam | Teaching English in Japan
Teaching English in China | Teaching English in Korea

South Korea is one of the fastest growing country in Asia and in the world. Together with other Far East countries like China and Japan, They are all controlling a new world economy.

Korean successfully send out their products to the world in the last decade such as electronic devices, automobile and entertainment. The world wants to learn more about Korea how they can grow very fast as well as Korean wants to learn more about Korean.

This is a good opportunity for an English teacher to find a good job in South Korea.



teaching English in Korea

Like China and Japan, even though Korea has a huge economy and still grow very fast, people do not speak English much at all. They like to speak their own language and many of them still have zero English skills.

From above reasons, there are still much opportunities for anyone who want to teach English in Korea. Popular English language schools are now all open in South Korea and quite successfully. You can try to apply in those schools.

No doubt that Korea is one of the fastest developing country because Korean people are one of the hardest working in the world. They statistically have the longest working hours per week.

Unlike some other Asian countries, you may find quite a serious working environment in Korea. They are not naturally nice and kind but they are truely professional so if you are looking for a professional working environment with lots of good students pay a serious attention in your class with high expectation, South Korea is the right place for you.

As you know There are still a smell of conflict in Korea between the North and the South but the conflict and the fight should remain in the border only so there should be nothing to worry about the military conflict. It is quite a safe place to work as teaching English in Korea and to live anyhow.

If you are interested to start your teaching English career in Korea, you can find information and opportunites from the Internet as the following.

  1. Go to job finder websites on the Internet and apply with them.
  2. Try searching from online communities for foreigners in Korea.
  3. Apply with language school which might have a headquarter in your countries and check if they have an English teaching opportunity in Korea.
  4. Check from English Forums. There are sometimes people looking for English Teachers oversea there.

Kinglishschool also have forums for English teacher job finders and for recruiters. You can try it. It is totally free.

Teaching English in Korea can give you great exotic experiences about Asian living and it does make a satisfied amount of money compare to normal living cost in Korea.

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