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Teaching English in Japan

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If anyone has a chance, who does not want to go to Japan once in a life time? If you even have a chance to work and live there? Will you are not interested?

From my experiences of travelling around the world, Japan is one of the most charming country in the world. They have such a smooth mixture between technology and culture.

You can find a huge building with all hi-tech facilities in one place and a traditional Japanese temple sitting not far from there and both can stay together very nicely, which you will never easily see from any other countries in the world (Bangkok is also another that I like)


teaching English in Japan

Japanese people also well known from their humble but hard working. Even though they are surrounded with innovative products, Japanese maintain thousand-year traditional way of living effectively.

Japaneses did not want to speak other languages in the past due to their nationalism belief but things have changed a lot in last decades. They realize that they must learn how other live in order to suvive in such a competive world and that would be impossible without learning other languages.

Therefore, many global language schools open up their branches in Japan and they have been quite successful so far because Japanese are capable to pay for their learning.

This is a good opportunities for you to be an English teacher in Japan. Remember Japan has one of the highest living cost in the world. The good thing is that you can earn a lot from teaching there but the bad thing is that you have to pay a lot for everything as well. Therefore, if you spend wisely, you will have a good amount of money in your pocket after a few years from teaching English in Japan.

Anyway, if you are looking a quiet life and learning Asian style. Better to go other countries like Thailand etc. You will not be able to imagine how busy and competitive your life will be in big cities in Japan.

If you are interested to start your teaching English career in Japan, you can find information and opportunites from the Internet as the following.

  1. Go to job finder websites on the Internet and apply with them
  2. Try searching from online communities for foreigners in Japan
  3. Apply with language school which might have a headquarter in your countries and check if they have an English teaching opportunity in Japan.
  4. Check from English Forums. There are sometimes people looking for English Teachers oversea there.

Kinglishschool also have forums for English teacher job finders and for recruiters. You can try it. It is totally free.

Teaching English in Japan can give you great exotic experiences about Asian living and it does make a satisfied amount of money compare to normal living cost in Japan.

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