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Teaching English in China

Teaching English in Thailand | Teaching English in Vietnam | Teaching English in Japan
Teaching English in China | Teaching English in Korea

China is one of the most powerful country in the world nowaday in any aspects. They are the fastest growing in term of economy. They have the most populations in the world.

They are the best place for investment from all multinational companies around the world. At the same time, they send out Chinese firms and businessmen to penetrate global markets

China needs many more skillful people to explore other countries and bring back money to them. One of the skill Chinese needs are definitely English language skills


teaching English in China

With thousands million populations, there are various opportunities for teaching English in China. You can be English teachers in a language schoool, primary, high schools or even universities because Chinese government encourage people to learn English and put English as an official subject in schools.

China is a big country. you can spend your holiday for the whole year travelling in different regions. It is a memorable experience, other than teaching, that you will never forget.

In the past, China may not be a good place to make money, especially for teaching job. Most people who went there for teaching English just wanted to explore the new world.

However, with a big growth nowaday, you can have new experiences and make much money in China as well from teaching English in China.

There are big gap for a living standard in China. You will find it very expensive to live in Shanghai or Beijing but moderate living in smaller cities so you will have a choice of living depending on your goals. I suggest you to gather as much details as possible before making the decision.

If you are interested to start your teaching English career in China, you can find information and opportunites from the Internet as the following.

  1. Go to job finder websites on the Internet and apply with them
  2. Try searching from online communities for foreigners in China
  3. Apply with language school which might have a headquarter in your countries and check if they have an English teaching opportunity in China.
  4. Check from English Forums. There are sometimes people looking for English Teachers oversea there.

Kinglishschool also have forums for English teacher job finders and for recruiters. You can try it. It is totally free.

Teaching English in China can give you great exotic experiences about Asian living and it does make a satisfied amount of money compare to normal living cost in China.

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