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Tag Along

Talk double Ducth
Confusing talk or Unclear explanation.

Take a pot luck
Accept all conditions.

Take no prisoners
Do not pay attention about the other's feeling.

Take to the heels
Start running away

Take what someone say with a pinch of salt
Doesn't take what someone say too seriously

Tear bucket
Cry so much

Tear something into pieces
Completly destroy something

Tens of thousands
Represent the big number of something

Ten to one
Feel confident with something

The best of both worlds 
Very best. Have all advantages

The last straw 
The last problem before everything is solved.

Think on one's feet 
Think quickly

Third degree 
A quite severe stage.

Third world 
Low development place/ person.

Throw down the glove 
Take a challenge.

Tide someone over
Help someone to survive from crisis

To a day 
Exactly (use with time or date)

To hear something straight from a horse's mouth 
To hear something from an original source which should very reliable

Tongue in cheek

Tongue tied
Too nervous or serious to speak out

Too big for one's boot
Arrogant. Self-center person

Touch and go 
An uncertain result

Tough as nails 
Very tough

Toxic waste 
Completely waste. Cannot even be disposed.

True to life
Very real

Turn pale
Suddenly scare of something

Turn someone off
Feel disgusting with someone

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