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Jaw drop        
Very amazing with something

Jekyll and Hyde        
Describe person who has totally two different characters.

Jet lag        
The symptom when you travel by air across time zone.

Jet set        
Rich person who live luxurious life.

Jewel in the crown        
he best part of something already very good.

Jockey the position        
Try to train or someone to be best in their job/position

Joint forces
Strongly cooperate

Jump all over someone
Aggressively criticize on someone

Jump down someone's throat
Angry with someone

Jump ship
Abandon or escape from some situation

Jump start
Force to start

Jump to the conclusion
Come to the conclusion

Jump the queue
Move in front of other people in the queue.

Jump the gun        
Do something before the right timing

Jungle out there
Something are dangerous outside

Just now
A moment ago

Just off the boat
Very innocent

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