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Eager beaver
Someone who is very energetic

Early birds            
Someone who always wake up in the ealry morning

Early birds catch the worm             
If you start earlier you have the better chance of success

Easy come, easy go
If you earn something very easily, you likely to lost them easily.

Eata humble pie
Admit on something

Eat like a horse
Eating so much

Eating someone
Disturbing someone

Egg on the facel
To be embarrassed

Smart person

Elbow room
A space or time to relax and manage busy life.

Eleventh hour
Something that happen in the very last minute

End up
Finally do something

Enfant terrible
A troublemaker

Even stevens
Something which are shared equally

Every dog has its day
Cheer up someone that their winning day will finally come

Eye candy
A pretty girl

Eyes are bigger than someone's stomach
Eat more than stomach can handle

Eye to eye

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