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History of Nerd

The history of the word Nerd is quite interesting.

In the past, the word nerd was spelled Knurd (same pronunciation but different spelling) before changing to the current spelling over time.

If we would carefully notice the word Knurd is a backward spelling of the word Drunk.

As we know, the word drunk is used to call people who like to go out for the parties and drink a lot of alcohol.

Therefore, they use the Knurd (backward of Drunk) to call people who have totally different life style from the Drunk. The nerd doesn't like to go out for a party and doesn't drink alcohol.

Previously, it was just a teasing word created from the student in America but it somehow became incredibly popular in a short period of time.

Today, nerd is no longer a teasing word after the advent of Bill Gates. Who doesn't want to be a nerd?

Learning Part

The author plays with the word "berg"

Tease = To make fun of someone

Somehow = Happen in unspecify way

Advent = The coming of something very important

Some sources from http://www.thefreedictionary.com

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