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Power of imagination

One effective way to learn English is to create your own imaginary friends.

It sounds like a lonely kid playing in an empty house but, believe me, it really works. You can't have your English teacher or foreign friends with you 24 hours but you are with yourself 24/7.

Assume the situation and talk to yourself when you have time.

For example, you can assume that you will go for an interview tomorrow and keep answering possible questions that you create.

You can assume that you are answering tourists who ask you about the direction from your office to the popular shopping mall.

Again, keep practicing and you will find yourself very capable in real situations. Just one caution. You better not talk out loud in public places!!

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Learning Part

Imaginary friend = A friend who is actually doesn't exist but created from the mind of people

Direction =The way to go to from the original to the destination

Caution = Warning to avoid something

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*Each word can have more than one meaning. The meaning here is just to favor the article

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