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Ask people to take pictures for you

This english conversation is a polite way to ask someone to take photoes for you when you all want to be in the same photoes. No more going to them, pointing to your camera and then pointing to your group. That is impolite!

Example 1

You        : Excuse me. Do you mind taking our picture?
Stranger  : Sure?
You        : Thank you. You can just press the button here.

Example 2

You        : Excuse me. Can you take a picture for us please?
Stranger  : Certainly. Is everything set?
You        : Please move to the left a bit. Thank you.

Example 3

You       : Excuse me. Can you do me a favor?
Stranger : Sure.
You       : We'd like to ask you to take a picture for us.
Stranger : ok.... All right, ready, one... two....
You       : Thanks a lot

Example 4

You       : Excuse me. Do you have time to take a picture for us?
Stranger : Oh. I am sorry. I really have to go.
You       : It's ok.

Learning Part

Impolite = Not polite.

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