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English Grammar

How to use singular or plural subject

1. Subject connected by And or Both... And is plural

  1. Jimmy and George are friends.
  2. Both Jane and Marry walk to school.

2. However, subject connected by And or Both... And with Each or Every at the front of the sentence is singular

  1. Each man and woman wishes to success.
  2. Every boy and girl is excited.

3. Always use verb followed the main subject of the sentence.

  1. The box of books is under the chair.
  2. Peter, not his friends, is going to school with me.
  3. I met Peter who is a teacher yesterday.
  4. This is one of the best decisions that I have made.

4. The following infinitive pronoun always use singular

everybody / everyone / everything
anybody / anyone / anything
somebody / someone / something
another / the other
either / one / each
any / every

  1. Each arrives on time.
  2. Everybody is going to school.

5. The following infinitive pronoun always use plural

all / both / few / number + of + plural noun
many / several / some / people

  1. All are going to school with me.
  2. Several have arrived so we can start the meeting.



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