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English Grammar

Uncountable Noun

Definition of Uncountable Noun -- Uncountable Noun is simply something we cannot count. Something we cannot seperate into a single element. It doesn't have and cannot have a plural form such as milk, sugar etc.

Uncountable noun includes concepts such as music, happiness and pattern such as information, news as well.

If you want to count uncountable noun, you can put it in a group or a container. For example, Sugar can be a cup of sugar or water can be a bottle of water


Examples of Uncountable Noun

  1. Paul gives me very good news
  2. Could you buy some sugar at the market for me please?

Must know about Uncountable Nouns

  • Use much, including how much, to describe uncountable nouns (much money.)
  • If you want to "count" the uncountable noun you have to count from its container or its figure (a piece of cake , a glass of water etc.)
  • Use little/ a little + uncountable noun meaning not many.
  • Use less/ least + uncountable noun meaning.
  • Normally, uncountable noun is treated as a singular so use singular verb with uncountable noun.

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