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English Grammar

Present Perfect Tense

Present Perfect Tense is one of the most often use in all English Grammar Tenses and yet one of the tense that most difficult to understand. The Present Perfect Tense is used to explain the action that happen since the past and continue until present time.

Structure of Present Perfect Tense

Subject + have, had + V3 + (object)

When do we use Present Perfect Tense?

When the situation happened in the past and continue until the present.

  • I have done my job.
  • Have you ever been to China?
  • He has been to China.
  • John has seen this movie already.

Must know about Present Perfect Tenses

  • The "clue" words to be in present perfect tense are since / for + time etc.
    • I have been in China for 2 years already.
    • John has never gone to China again since 1990.

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