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English Grammar

Main Verb

Definition of Main Verbs -- The type of verb that has the meaning in the word itself. Without main verbs in a sentence, we would not know about the meaning of the sentence.

Example of Main Verbs

  1. John walks across the street. (You wouldn't know the meaning of the sentence without the word "walks")
  2. Marry runs so fast. (Likewise, you wouldn't know the meaning of the sentence without the word "walks"

Must know about Main Verbs

  • Main verb is sometimes called "lexical verbs."
  • There are many forms of verbs depending on the tense.
    • John walks across the street. -- Present Simple Tense
    • I saw John walked across the street yesterday -- Past Simple tense
    • I will walk across this street again tomorrow -- Future Simple tense
  • Verb is alsoused differently in active voice and passive voice form.
    • I kick John -- Active voice
    • I am kicked by John -- Passive voice

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